Video Testimonials

Testimonials are greatly appreciated. This one is from a favorite customer, Mary C., who lives in Glen Arm. A while back I assisted in the construction of a swimming pool for Mary by excavating the hole for the pool. In Mary’s words,

“We hired Joe Esposito and his company to dig
the hole for our pool. And we were  impressed by his professionalism and his attention to
detail. He was on time all the time, he showed up when he was supposed to, he cleaned up
after himself every day, and our experience with him was nothing but pleasant. We’d hire
him again in a minute

Another long-time customer, Dave H., talks about grading work I performed at his house in Glen Arm.

We’ve had Joe Esposito and company out several times in fact we are talking to him now about building a wall around the tiered garden where the old wood tiles have deteriorated. We used Joe during that time because he’s one of the few people who do the work without a lot of direction and do it fairly quickly. We found in other things like we’d have to have two or three contractors to do both some of the landscaping and some of the take away or digging, whatever, and we had over here Joe leveled out a place because when they had built the house they had put all the wood scraps in a pile and after so many years it made a big sinkhole. So we had him level that all out and the drainage was terrible, there were two holes back there and it when he finished, it looked really good. And down here we had Joe do all the brick and railroad tie work with wood ties because it was all coming up like it does with roots and was bumpy and dangerous. And Joe could come in and with some help and just do it and take care of it and we didn’t have to do a lot of correction on his design or stuff like that. Bonnie told him what she wanted and he did it! And so were very appreciative. His pricing is excellent. The quality of work is excellent


Matt P. of Homeland:

We had Esposito company do the re-routing of our drain. We had some leakage in the basement, they dug out from here all the way around the side of the house to the back. As you can see there is no sign of any work having  been done. The drainage works perfectly now. I would say the best thing about Esposito company is when you talk to the owner you know just by talking with him that the job is going to be done right. He’s been doing this for I think he said 30+ years and the experience matched my impression. He takes the worry of it out for the customer which is a very big deal. I didn’t feel as if I had to check up on him or monitor the progress of the project. I knew that he would know what to do and if anything came up he would take care of it and that’s exactly how it turned out. I couldn’t be any happier with the way the work turned out


Testimonal from Lee H. of Glen Arm on grading work Esposito Co. performed…

My name’s Lee. I had Esposito Company out to my property and they graded the riding ring behind me.  Joe did a great job. He was prompt, he was fair. He took care of the job when he said it was going to be done. I didn’t have to worry about anything. Once he was here, it was just all taken care of. I would definitely recommend Joe. He’s reasonable. Again, he does what he says he’s going to do in a timely manner.


Alison P. of Homeland:

So last spring we had Esposito company come out and grade our lawn and sod it. And they were just really wonderful to work with. The owner, Joe, was very available and answered all of my questions. He was really… he made the process easy and made it so that any questions that I had he was able to answer and he didn’t make me feel like, you know, I was asking something silly. He was very thorough. He came on time, when he said he was going to be here, and just did a wonderful job.  It was just really easy to work with him. He did a great job, reasonably priced, and was just really friendly and easy to work with.


Brian K. Lauer is an excellent custom builder I’ve worked with for many years in the Baltimore area. Brian handles high-end remodeling as well as constructing a number of gorgeous multi-million dollar homes. I’m proud to have him give me the testimonial he delivers above.

I’m always happy to hear good things from my customers. Jeff L. has been a customer for years. He kindly participated in giving this video testimonial for my company. Thanks Jeff!

Transcript: A few years ago we had a geothermal system put in. They dug holes, deep wells into the ground. They cut trenches through the backyard and I knew that I wanted to have somebody do the finish grading. And I contacted Joe Esposito and he came out and looked at the job and gave me a real good idea of what it would take to make the house backyard turn back into what it was before they messed it all up. He did a great job. He was here on time, he made sure that everything was cleaned up when he was finished. He let me know if there was anything like some large rocks and he wanted to know what he could do with them to make the area look better. It was just a pleasure work there was 1000 gallon oil tank up against the house. There were a couple of pipes sticking up and as you can see there is not a lot of room to work here. He was able to get his machinery in and he dug some of it by hand so that he could make sure he cleaned away enough to get a chain around it and he was able to lift it out in one piece. The tank was about 30 years old so it was pretty well rusted, kind of a little precarious and he was able to get it away from the house and put it on his truck and take it out. He came back and filled in the area with fresh fill, graded it out. We haven’t had any leaks or problems in the basement since. Joe was great to work. He put us at ease. We didn’t have to worry about him being here on time, we didn’t have to worry about his machinery tearing up our place. It was just stress-free and he did a fantastic job.