Transcript: “What to look for in a contractor”

P1160812Joe EspoBack
“Sometimes it’s price. If you’re buying a load of stone delivered to your house and its 20 tons of stone, you can call all around and get the cheapest price – and that’s fine. You going to get the same stone from the same quarry most likely. But when you’re having somebody do work at your house, if you can get a referral from a neighbor,  that’s great. Whenever I get a referral I almost always get the job even if I’m higher than someone else.I’m competitive price-wise and the referral gives the customer piece of mind – the icing on the cake so to speak.

What I try to communicate to the customer is peace of mind: that I know what I’m doing – not that I know everything, but I’m listening to what their concerns are, giving them information about what I’m going to do and how it’s going to be done, and who I’ll have working with me. That’s important these days because people don’t want to have their house vandalized or damaged in any way. People don’t want to have things taken from them or have things missing or broken.

Another thing a homeowner should look for in a contractor is promptness and good communication. For me, being on time is important. If I do an estimate, I try always to be on time because I feel like not only is my time important but the customer’s time is important as well. And it’s just a respectful thing to do. I don’t like it when someone isn’t on time for an estimate and I’ll call  if I know I’m running late. Little courteous things go a long way with people…

Once I start a job, I feel that a customer shouldn’t have to do anything. They shouldn’t be out there sweeping up the driveway or shoveling off the street when I leave. That’s my job, that’s what they’re paying me for. If they want to do that that’s fine; they can do it and I won’t charge them for it. But usually clean up and everything I do is built into the cost of the job. But more than that doing a great job and leaving a property neat and tidy is about having pride in my work”.

Joe has been a demolition, excavation, clearing, and grading contractor in Baltimore, MD for 37 years and has the experience and know-how to handle your next demolition or excavation project”.