Exploratory dig to find cause of sinkhole.

My customer had a sinkhole appear over the course of several months along the foundation of his commercial building. I was asked to find the cause of the sinkhole.

After some excavating, I was able to use a small camera to view the inside of the main drain pipe and found the cause of the problem. The main stormwater drain pipe had sunk near the building which did not allow for a gravity flow of water away from the building. We recommended to the owner that he replace the stormwater drain pipe with a properly placed pipe that ensured proper drainage.

I enjoyed this bit of diagnosing the problem correctly and setting my customer on a path to correct the problem.

Propane tank installation

This job involved excavation for a 1000gallon propane tank. I did the excavating and backfilling for a long-time plumbing contractor I’ve worked with many times in the past.

In case you’re wondering, the sand pile in the foreground is to provide a soft “bed” for the tank and the fill dirt near my mini-excavator is, of course, for backfilling and grading the trench and location of the tank.

This project took place over two days; day one was the excavation and installation of the tank, including all the plumbing hook-ups to the tank and to the house. Day two was the code inspector’s arrival and inspection of the work performed , followed by me backfilling and grading the project.

Backfilling foundation and grading in preparation for seeding

This was a recently completed large grading and seeding preparation project I handled for a customer. The customer decided to use the opportunity of backfilling the foundation for a home addition to also do extensive re-grading around the property. This was a wise decision as some of the existing slopings of the property made lawn mowing and property maintenance difficult and even hazardous. The germination blankets, shown in the last picture, do double-duty as an extrememly effective erosion control system.

Regrading and hauling excess soil in customer’s rear yard in preparation for seeding

This regrading project had an unusual twist: My customer needed a complete makeover for their back yard. The existing dirt and fill, (which was doing a poor job of growing grass) were removed from the site in order to level the area.

The top-left picture shows the job at it’s beginning. A pool to the left of the fence had been filled in by a previous owner. Fill dirt was humped in the middle and was never leveled properly. The previous owner also left the concrete walkway around the pool in place. Rather odd! Then a fence was built around it, (actually 2 styled fences, chain link, and wood). So all in all the backyard was a sad sight indeed.

I removed and hauled away the concrete around the humped mound of the old pool. Then I took the fence down and hauled it out. Finally, I regraded the entire back yard using the excess dirt on-site and finished off the project by hauling in and top-dressing the lawn with some of my excellent quality topsoil.

This job truly was a night to day transformation for my customer!

Sewer line replacement

This was a complicated residential excavation project. What would usually an easy excavation for a sewer line replacement was complicated by the fact that the sewer line, waterline, and gas lines, were all in the same trench. Usually, the gas line is on one side of the house and the water lines are on the other for code and safety reasons.

I had to excavate very carefully so as not to damage the gas line in particular and cause a disaster! When the excavation was complete, the sewer line, (which was below the gas and water lines was replaced with the new PVC pipe shown below.

The trench walls had to also be supported by the steel support structure shown above. The final part of the project, which I’m prepping, for now, is for the plumber to hook the sewer line up. This was a day where attention to detail and safety issues was absolutely necessary.

Grading Project in a beautiful setting.

This grading project took place at an existing home in a beautiful wooded setting. My task was to do some final clearing that the owner had mostly completed himself and then do finish grading in preparation for seeding.

Working right up to the home’s foundation, you can see the finish grade in the picture above, (to the left of the side of the house). This area had been York raked and then hand graded to a “perfect finish” grade.

My bulldozer did the rough grading throughout this project. Then my tractor, outfitted with a York Rake, performs the finish grading on the large areas of the lawn. I made small grading changes throughout this project by shifting soil from one area to another. Lots of rocks were also removed during the grading work. Here is the rough grade for what will be a new pole barn the owner will construct in the coming year.

Waterline trench for new home

Here is a recent project that consisted of digging a very long trench from a wellhead to a new home. The wellhead is the white-capped off pipe in the above picture. My mini -excavator outfitted with a backhoe for the trenching work, and a dozer blade for backfilling and smoothing the filled-in trench, made swift work of the project. The rolled-up black piping shown above is about to be unrolled back towards the house for hooking up to the main water shut off valve in the basement.

This has probably been the longest trench excavation my company has ever undertaken. Pleasant work in beautiful surroundings.

And here’s a view of the rough-graded trench, waterline installed, and jobsite ready for finish grading and seeding.

Demolition of Shed

My customer had an old falling down shed in their rear yard. I was hired to take it down safely, haul away the debris and grade the area in preparation for grass seed.

Here’s a view of my mini-excavator, accessorized with backhoe and a grading blade. The backhoe allowed me to knock/push the shed over. The grading blade smooths the area and levels it to a nearly finished final grade. I loaded the debris with my bobcat machine seen below in the foreground. This is the perfect tool for small projects such as this.

And here’s the final grade ready for a small bit of hand grading for the perfect job.

Having the right equipment to do small jobs such as this really benefits my customers; there’s less of a mess to be made and the equipment is versatile enough to do the job efficiently. Another eyesore removed by Esposito Company!

Backfilling, grading, and excavating project.

Here’s a photo of a recently completed grading job. The customer had just completed construction on a new addition and I was called in to make the building site ready for seeding.

I also excavated and prepared this side of the addition for a patio.

And the finished area ready for a patio.