Pool Removal


Pool demolition projects have become a real mainstay of my business. There are times when the customer wants the pool removed because they no longer use it, or because it has fallen into disrepair and the homeowner doesn’t want to invest in it further.  My goal is to work with my customers to determine their needs regarding the removal. Is collapsing the pool into it’s footprint and covering up the demolition materials with topsoil all that they need? Do they want the pool debris hauled away and the site be readied for new construction?


In this case, the reason was simply to create additional flat space for the homeowners children.


As mentioned above, a typical job like this is handled by collapsing the side walls of the pool with one of my machines, and then adding fill and compacting it. Here the rough fill work has been completed.


And in this final picture, the proper level has been achieved and the space is now ready for final finish grading  with topsoil and seeding.