Our Services

Esposito Company takes on a variety of jobs geared to homeowners and contractors needs in the Baltimore, Maryland Area.

Typical projects include:

  • Demolition of existing structures (garages, houses, additions)
  •  Interior demolition work in preparation for remodeling projects.
  • Excavation work (new foundations, footings, water and sewer line replacements)
  • Grading for drainage problems, new lawns, and driveways etc.

My work usually combines both hand and machine work. I have a wide variety of machines that perform specific functions: a bulldozer for grading, excavation, and demolition; a backhoe for trenching work, a mini-excavator also for trenching and demolition, a rubber track bobcat for grading and clean-up work. The bobcat is a particularly versatile tool; it allows me to perform heavy work with minimal damage to my customers’ property. The focus of my efforts is to perform my customers projects efficiently and  at a fair price.

Office: 410-592-7800or Cell: 410-375-9067

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